Oh wow, The Onion wrote a story about me.

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The New Pornographers’ “War on the East Coast”

Without even realizing it, The New Pornographers have somehow become a band whose albums I will almost certainly purchase without question of its content. Weird, considering the fact that in the past year I’ve learned to never place 100% faith in any band (my experience with Jack White being a perfect example). But damn if listening to this New Pornographers album doesn’t remind me how amazing they are at balancing fun, heartfelt and emotional content all at the same time.

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You are a wildcard, Mr Giraffe


Giraffes and geese, separated by continents and oceans, united in the brotherhood of a-holes.

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Happy birthday Julia Child!




A party without cake is just a meeting.” ~Julia Child

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Apocalyptic scenario #1137…ALL THE ANTS WORKING TOGETHER

All the “ick”…all of it.


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I think I’ll make this entire thing the title of my inevitable autobiography.



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Might be time to start re-watching “Fraiser”


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