BETTER (and new) “Age of Ultron footage!

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Today in “portals to my future”

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Continuing my love affair with Alex Maleev


[via Alex Maleev]

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No, Pappa, I won’t!

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[via Wil Wheaton]

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The best conversation Dwight and Oscar ever had on the show.  Hands down.

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Thoroughly enjoyed Brian Bendis’ (aka @BRIANMBENDIS) recent TED talk

I am glad I stumbled upon this opportunity to see the man speak.  His run on Daredevil with artist Alex Maleev one of the best comic books I’ve ever read.  He’s also made me realize I stopped reading Scarelet for what I’m going to call “dumb reasons”.  I also can’t believe I never realized he managed to make Spider-Man even more realistic and relatable with Mile Morales having taken up the mantle.

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Hulkbusting my heart.

Anyone notice in the Avengers trailer that Iron Man is wearing his armour as he gets into his LARGER SET OF ARMOUR?!  Put this movie in front of my eyes already.


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