Can’t stay here, it’s Womp Rat country


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Some Buffalo need to back off a little bit.


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In pursuit of Little Rocket Man


So, tonight, I begin attempting the most infamous of Half-Life achievements, “Little Rocket Man”. After the research I’ve done, I realize I may pull my hair out . I realize I’ll have to quicksand a ridiculous amount of times. And above all else, I’ll have to make sure to close that door on the rocket in that final moment before crossing the proverbial finish line. Wish me luck, fellow Half-Life nerds. This should prove interesting.


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Don’t ask me why this has an oddly meditative quality to it.

Thanks, Weird Al.

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A DINOSAUR gives us lessons on social media dynamics


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Some days the metamorphosis of my soul is not an unsurprising one.


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This is a post addressing my simultaneous needs to make a complaint and to make a GIF

Some sweets-hating rascal left a full container of fro-yo in my building’s parking garage, right next to the parking spot Kurvball and I have here, and well, it’s creeping me the hell out. ┬áPartly because of my appearance, and partly because of the realization that this substance was once in a state that humans are want to put inside of them.


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