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Way to creep me out Felix

That slightly cocked-to-the-side, judgemental head of yours isn’t helping either.

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Can’t stay here, it’s Womp Rat country

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Some Buffalo need to back off a little bit.

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In pursuit of Little Rocket Man

So, tonight, I begin attempting the most infamous of Half-Life achievements, “Little Rocket Man”. After the research I’ve done, I realize I may pull my hair out . I realize I’ll have to quicksand a ridiculous amount of times. And … Continue reading

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Don’t ask me why this has an oddly meditative quality to it.

Thanks, Weird Al.

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A DINOSAUR gives us lessons on social media dynamics

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Some days the metamorphosis of my soul is not an unsurprising one.

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This is a post addressing my simultaneous needs to make a complaint and to make a GIF

Some sweets-hating rascal left a full container of fro-yo in my building’s parking garage, right next to the parking spot Kurvball and I have here, and well, it’s creeping me the hell out. ┬áPartly because of my appearance, and partly … Continue reading

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If you’re not following @CrapTaxidermy on Twitter, you’re missing out.

"Dammit Officer Fuzzybum. Every time you pull out that Gun, my paperwork gets backed up 3 weeks!"— Crap Taxidermy (@CrapTaxidermy) April 20, 2014

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That contrast between the inner personality and the outer is one I know all-too-well

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