It’s Saturday night, I’m watching a pretty decent episode of SNL (Anne Hathaway & Florence + The Machine), and since people tend to have their laptops fused to their legs whilst watching the tube, I’ll present some schtuff I found.

  • Speaking of having things fused together, check out THIS medical miracle FTW. SUPER awesome that they fixed this little girl’s arm, but the first thing I thought of – after seeing that picture – was “I can think of so many potential party tricks here.” [Gawker]
  • Back when I decided that spending my student line of credit money in the vintage section of Etsy was a good idea, (here’s a hint: it wasn’t) I would spend almost the length of my Magazine Sales & Marketing class on Etsy. Well those were the days, because I have been dying for an Etsy and/or H&M shopping trip, but can’t. It feels like I’ve worn everything in my wardrobe a million and five times. Even an update of basics would be amaze-balls. I’d love to hit up Joe Fresh too, because they often have great deals on super cute stuff like dresses, not to mention their semi-new makeup line that I have yet to explore! (Ahh yes, Jen and her notorious pants-less existence. Seriously, I only recently dug out some jeans, and until then it had been about 6 months. My uniform of late has been either tights or leggings, a dress/skirt/oversized shirt to cover my ass [literally], and these boots my mom got me last Christmas that are totally still in season with the motorcycle boots-with-buckles trend) In this evening’s round of Etsy Coveting: a “new” Marc Jacobs (!) gold shimmery jacket/blazer; I’m such a sucker for a great cardigan, especially a cashmere one! And in such a pretty colour that’s still versatile!; this is waaay too much but it looks so freakin’ cozy and quite frankly, it’s kinda hilarious in that “bad sweater” kind of way; ZOMG I need a tiny waist and a garden party, Stat. Ugh. I think I’m done.
  • This is SUPER expensive on Etsy, but I’m determined to find something like it at Value Village. I’m sure I can at some point, I could’ve sworn I’ve seen many a purse like it on many, many occasions. It also gives me an excuse to go to my nearest VV (Queen St. East), which is really good, despite how small it is.
  • Harry Potter tomorrow! That’s all for that.
  • Um, no. Now, I know that I’ve had lots of nuggets of wisdom in my FB status updates, including a memorable string of somewhat-popular “Dear Customer” “letters” where I’d basically vent against the ginormous dummies I would sometimes encounter at my store, but I’m gonna agree with Gawker on this one: a useless reminder of how much time one has wasted. I don’t know about anyone else, but instead of feeling nostalgia over my past FB fodder, I’d be like “wow, I’m kind of a narcissistic ass for getting this.” [Galley Cat]
  • What my eyeballs are scanning these days.
  • Can I please have 90% of the clothing Carey Mulligan – aka Ms. Pixie Cut Queen and Overall Great Style – is wearing in this slideshow? Wait. What’s that? Nards, I’m not chic enough. [Vanity Fair]
  • New York Magazine recently published a story about James Frey and his attempts to “recruit” students in graduate writing programs for what can be described as a semi-sketchy writing “factory”/publishing company. Here’s a link to the article – definitely worth the read. The big issue here seems to be the contracts between Frey and his “recruits.” What gets me is that so many writers are so agent-dependent on any sort of legality or contract matter. I firmly believe, after reading this, that writing programs should offer a mandatory course on the business end of the writing game. I’m sure a big issue is that not many profs would want to necessarily teach such basics, but if I were a writer, I’d damn skippy want to know when I’m getting screwed over. [NY Mag]

SNL is long-finished (good show), I’m tired, Felix is passed out like a drunkard beside me, and I’m workin’ early in the morning. Kervin out.

ps – I need to start fusing together my posts with some pics.

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