Stuff I found online while watching Conan.

Thursday night, almost Midnight, RAIN.

I just got home from a fairly uneventful shift at work. I guess the rain kept a lot of people away because we were dead-empty for the last hour. Conan is new tonight – thank God, because all the other Thursday night shows are re-runs – so it’s like I’m “live blogging” during the episode. Except I’m not. I’ll be posting links to a bunch of crap I find whilst watching Conan. And not telling you about the show.

NOTE: Read through all these until the end. I’ve saved a special link for last.

  • I found a live-chat yesterday on the G&M website, discussing the princess trend amongst little girls, and whether or not it has a negative impact on their adult lives (i.e are they going to grow up to be spoiled brats and/or have body image issues). Not exactly a super-news story, but it got me all kinds of riled up for some reason. This discussion started when the Globe posted an article about an illustrator who was getting into the “custom princess dress for little girls” market. For $1,600 US, you could give your little Princess her very own fancy ballgown. [collective groans] A LOT (i.e the majority) of commenters were very anti-Princess, and some went so far as to (basically – I’m summarizing here) state “I will absolutely not treat my kid like a little princess because she’s just one of 6 billion + people on Earth and she’s no more special than anyone else.” (Again, that is some super summarizing) Now, this just kinda pissed me off, because when I have a child, they’re going to be told every damn day that they’re 100% special in my eyes. I couldn’t imagine NOT being in complete awe of this absolutely special kid I helped bring into the world, and I’m rather sure I’d want to tell them so every day. I felt love radiating off my parents every frigging day, and I’m not spoiled. And, going back to the origins of this story, I played Princess and I played with Legos. Where the princess thing becomes a problem, is when it becomes an obsession. Simple solution? Moderation. Done.
  • By now a lot of people have seen Cookie Monster’s SNL “audition reel:”    I am thoroughly amused by this for the following reasons – 1. “cookie enthusiast.” 2. “cookie joke cookie joke cookie joke.” 3. Monster Gaga.
  • Happy “American” Thanksgiving! Of course so many hilarious Friends moments are missing from this, like Rachel’s trifle (“Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? GOOD.”) and Joey’s Thanksgiving Pants.
  • It’s Etsy Coveting Time, mathematics-styles!!!! This coat + a wrap dress + a sweet pair o heels or wedges + a big ol’ pair of earrings = a dream New Years outfit; A cute pair of flats or sandals (call me crazy, or just way too obsessed with getting a pair of black cowboy boots, but said boots may work) + this dress + this big pair of round, clear/yellow-framed sunglasses = outfit for kickin’ Gabbo’s ass in Scrabble in the park, in summer; If I knew I wouldn’t look like a fat little baby wearing this, I would definitely sport it; I want to wear this when I work on Christmas Eve. I’ve worn red the past two years when I work that shift, but I can’t find the dress!!; I’d wear this dress with a cute cardigan, but I would lose the leggings and add full-on thick tights.
  • On a side note regarding Etsy, have you ever noticed how liberal people are with the term “Mad Men?” I know that labeling a dress, shirt or jacket as “Mad Men”-style will totally amp up views, but come ON. Who decided to give this 1980s dress a “Mad Men” tag??
  • And finally I give you THIS little piece of sunshine. Yes. What’s the exact opposite of “panty creamer?” I’m gross.

Conan’s done, Big Bang Theory is going to be finished soon, and I’m getting tired. Kervin out.

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