Friday Goodies Roundup!!!


Dinosaurs I say!

This week, I gripe more about the Golden Globes, about specific Swedish people, Harvard, Americans’ taste in food, literature, television entertainment, and nude Betty White.  In contrast, I celebrated Yahoo, Zero Punctuation, Trent Reznor, and some guy that’s not a virgin anymore.  Huzzaah.

  • So, I think I’m boycotting this Golden Globes thing.  Kurvball probably won’t like me for saying this, but seriously, what happened was just ridiculous.  In regards to the incident mentioned last week over the GGs people throwing Ricky Gervais to the wind, disavowing themselves from any responsibility for him, things have gotten nuts.  Gervais claimed that the Hollywood Foreign Press Aossication knew what they were getting into when they invited Gervais to host.  They even conceded at one point, “When you hire a comedian like Ricky Gervais, one expects in-your-face, sometimes outrageous material.”  They later added,”But yeah, his confrontational humor made some famous people make a frowny face towards us, and we don’t like frowny faces” (No, not really).  There’s some truly adept flip-flopping occurring here, and the HFPA should be ashamed of themselves as a result.  [via The Toronto Star]
  • Speaking of the Golden Globes, did anyone notice that Natalie Portman was acting a little funny?:

  • Stieg Larsson’s family totally forget they live in one of the most socially progressive countries by continuing to ignore the fact that he had a common-law partner for thirty years.  Nope, it’s not like they were practically married. Nope, Larsson just chose to have a thirty-year girlfriend is all.  Idiots, the rest of the rest Larsson clan make me feel ashamed to be part Swedish.  [via The Toronto Star]
  • Oh Starbucks, when will the insanity end?!:

On another note, how are the Taiwanese always on top of the worlds’ goings-ons?!

  • So, Harvard’s not all that bright, right?  Conan O’Brien would seem proof against that.   But Harvard went ahead and slapped Coco in the face by making non-Harvardite Jay Leno their man of the year.  Just…WOW.  Stay classy Harvard.  Nothing says smart choice like celebrating backstabbing mediocre comedians with increasing irrelevancy when “the other guy” is actually an accomplished graduate from your school.  [via Hasty Pudding]
  • In case you’ve not been around the site for a while, Wanda Jackson’s album has gotten released this week.  Here’s her recent appearance with Jack White and a total “freebie” of a bassist on Letterman:

  • Dear Yahoo! Answers, keep being awesome:

You’re saying things weren’t weird at first with the Fetish?

  • Wicked-awesome putt-putter has the most disturbingly enthusiastic friends EVER:

  • The man-crush-worthy Trent Reznor has proved himself worthy of praise yet again by garnering himself an Oscar nomination for best film soundtrack.  See the results on February 27th.  [via Pitchfork]
  • Ahhhhh, god bless unholy unions:

The man who tossed some Hershey’s into a jar of Jiffy must be wetting himself right about now.
  • Next Jersey Shore season in Italy?  I call international incident with TWO WEEKS tops.  Who wants in on my action?!  [via TMZ]
  • *CLAP CLAP CLAP*  Okay, listen up everyone!  Society’s done!  Last one out flick the lights off and shut the door.  We’re gone:


  • “In National Crystal Meth Hallucination League action, Rob Langer goes 20 rounds in a marathon 2-day match up against an army of fire-breathing snakes.”  [via The Onion Sportsdome]
  • The wonderful Etta James turned seventy-three this week, here’s one of my favorite tunes of hers:

Here’s one of my favorite indie bands, “Man Man” covering the same tune:

  • Personally, I’d pull “Atta boy”, but that’s just me:

WAY better than losing a cat.

  • Oh, this week also, we’re celebrating Chan Marshall’s (aka. Cat Power) birthday.  This year marks her 39th:

  • On Facebook the other day, I exclaimed, “Well, so much for my goal of getting through life without having seen a nude photo of Betty White.” *SIGH*. You’ve been warned, this is just NSFW enough that I can’t post relevant material here.  [via Slog]
  • Kids act out The Social Network the most adorable things:

  • So, there’s this game called Minecraft, which is essentially a virtual version of “Lego”, only, you know, it’s a massive time waster.  My astoundingly astute man Yahtzee, and his animated video review series “Zero Punctuation” have some words to say on the game:

  • And finally, Sad Keanu is still sad:

Cereal = Sandwich

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