Would You Eat the Moon if it Were Made of Ribs? Goodies: The Kervball Edition.

If this cat gets opposable thumbs, we’re boned.

It’s Saturday night and I’m watching SNL with G-Money. Here’s some goodies for your viewing pleasure!

  • The other day at work, I noticed a book on the table called My Korean Deli. It kinda caught my attention because of the bright red cover amidst the darker, more muted covers that happened to be hanging around. It’s basically about a guy whose Korean wife wanted to buy her parents a convenience store. Here’s an excerpt. [NYMag.com]

  • This video has been making a few rounds this past week. It’s pretty friggin’ cute, and I highly applaud this little girl for her first position discipline.

  • What the WHAT?! I have nothing to really say about this except: Charlie Sheen. Volume of poetry. [NYMag.com]

  • The “best, most epic night ever” plot is pretty common in movies. Superbad, Can’t Hardly Wait, The Hangover, they all utilize the device, often predictable but largely enjoyable. The new Topher Grace movie uses this plot, as Take Me Home Tonight (also starring Anna Faris! Set in 1988!) uses the tag line “Best. Night. Ever.” (Coincidentally, something I’ve been known to yell out in bars, hands in the air, drink in hand) New York Magazine has compiled a slide-show of some of these “best nights ever.” Check it out here! Now I must ask the question – which character/group do YOU think had the best night? Answer in the comments. [NYMag.com]

This little gem has largely been forgotten, even though it's got a sweet 'n stacked cast. Big ups to the BFFF for introducing me to the movie, which I have now seen a LOT.

  • This one is kinda special. When I went to New York in July with the BFFF, we ended up going to see a very small show at a tiny bar on our last night in the city. The opening act was a very wonderful woman named Charlene Kaye, complete with a great band. Who was the main act, you say? Well, it was none other than current Glee heartthrob Darren Criss. At the time he was known for the University of Michigan Team StarKid’s A Very Potter Musical – which if you haven’t seen, do it NOW. The musical had gone viral and not-yet-Blaine had just released a self-produced album. The show was GREAT. Charlene and Darren performed a recently-written (at the time, by Ms. Kaye) song, which was just released on iTunes, on February 23rd. Now here, my friends, is a video I found on YouTube of that very show we saw. It’s amazing to think that Darren Criss went from this small venue, to one of TV’s hottest shows, within months. Enjoy! It’s a very cute song:

  • I want this chair. A LOT. If anyone has a spare $7,000 or just wants to gift the chair to me, that’s cool. [Galley Cat]

  • And finally, I give you the news that Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, that short film that made the rounds months ago, is being adapted into a kids book. It kinda fits though, eh?? Here’s the adorably-hilarious Marcel film, voiced and co-written by former SNL-er Jenny Slate:

It’s been fun. I will see you then, or I will see you at another time! – The Kerv.

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