News from Booklandia

Didn't do it.

The title of this post pretty much explains it all, but here is some news from in and around Booklandia in recent days/weeks:

  • If you haven’t read Patti Smith’s EXCELLENT book Just Kids, I highly encourage you to do so. It’s a memoir about her early days in New York with the artist Robert Mapplethorpe – hanging out at Coney Island, living in the Chelsea Hotel, and being inspired by the city and the artists and musicians around them. It reads like fiction. Like beautiful, melodic fiction. It won a smattering of awards too, including the National Book Award. And if you read Just Kids (and you better) and find yourself wanting more, fear not!! Patti Smith is writing a sequel. Rejoice! [via New York Magazine]

  • Further rejoicing! Maurice Sendak, of Where the Wild Things Are fame is publishing his first book in 30 years where he’s both written and illustrated. The kids book will be called Bumble-Ardy, and will feature a pig as the main character. The story is about the pig having a birthday party for the first time, on the occasion of turning 9 years-old. My prediction is that it’ll be a very gentle, very sweet story that’s also very witty. Fun fact: Sendak first developed the pig character in 1971 in an animated short that was produced for Jim Henson’s Sesame Street. [via The Globe and Mail]

  • Speaking of Jim Henson, in “holy CRAP I didn’t know that!” news of the day, Ballentine acquired a biography of Jim Henson. Brian Jay Jones is the biographer. In other Jim Henson news, apparently he was planning a tv show called The Wizard of Id (based on the well-known comic strip), a collaboration with Johnny Hart (creator of Wizard of Id and B.C.). Here’s the trailer that was made:

[via Galley Cat]

  • Remember that “Garfield minus Garfield” site from a few months ago?? Well, a site called 3eanuts is now in existence, showing Peanuts comic strips minus the last panel.  This changes EVERYTHING.  [Via New York Magazine]

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