That Skittles Commercial – Seriously, You Need To Try This.

When I was young, I recall watching a David Copperfield television special.  He was performing all manner of illusions and not-tricks.  Part of his blow-my-mindness involved an interactive idea for viewers at home.  He’s display the faces of five playing cards on screen, ask you to pick any card, and place your finger on it.  Then he’d give you a series of instructions telling you to move your finger this way and that way over other cards, until he eventually guessed your card.  Keep in mind the millions of viewers that were probably trying this, with different cards.  The trick wasn’t so much he picked yoru card, but that he found a way to make everyone end up at the same card in the end.

Now, I know how redonkulous this sounds, but I swear to you, that’s how it worked, to the best of my knowledge, and it was awesome.  What I’m about to show you below however, may very well trump the coolest interactive television thing I’ve seen since I was that wee age.

It is also significantly creepier.  OH!  And you’ll definitely want to put this to “full screen”, trust me:

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