Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

I’ve kinda been upset this week.  Or at least feel like it.  That’s what happens when I think about The Duggars, or Scientology.  I’m upset like a wookie would be as it was forced to shovel the walkway.  Upset like that kid I met at work that went on a rant over the apparent uselessness of the royal wedding.  I need to stop watching the internet sometimes.

  • Special rules for playing bombed-out golf country clubs during the blitz back in the day.  Either this scan is a fake and the Brits still have an awesome sense of humor, or Brits were tough as nails back in the day, and took things on the chin quite well:

Click for bigger

  • Best…mis-use of medical surgery robots…EVER:

  • Suri Cruise does not dress in normal people clothes, has not heard of jeans and a t-shirt.  Will grow up to be spoiled princess with an ego.  Sorry Scientology, kids are not always capable of making their own decisions.  Note to self:  I’ve got to stop reading anything about Scientology, it’s basically a repeat of any experience I’ve had with The Duggars and “19 and Counting”, I only end up frustrated in the end.  [“…The Strange and Troubling World of Suri Cruise.”  via Daily Mail]

  • Sunday afternoon a couple thousand big-wheel enthusiasts hit one of the biggest hills in San Francisco for what could easily be called the most awesome display of man-child syndrome ever.  An event so epic that each participant is made to sign a liability waiver.  Witness below a highlight of the event’s best wipeouts:

*sings*   Proud Mary keep on burnin’!…    [via SF Gate]

  • All hail Ron Swanson, inventor of the turkey burger (a fried turkey leg inside a grilled hamburger) is a real entity now.  There’s a recipe and everything.  Strange, considering it’s up-until-now fictional existence.  Upon being informed of the existence of his fictional character’s favorite meal, Nick Offerman offered a litany of quotable quotes.  Including such goodies as “I was so honored to prepare this burger for Chuck Norris, it made me cry. Until he punched the tears off my face.”  And also, “I made one of these for Jesus and he said I was his fantasy of an true American.”  Good man.  [via The A.V.  Club]

  • Chewbacca hates shoveling.  Maybe if someone gave the mangy bastard a medal, he’d quiet up:

  • “Frankly, if a commuter someday grabs a length of neoprene tubing and begins giving himself an enema on the 8:12, I plan to pop in the iPod earbuds, crank the volume, look out the window and ignore the whole thing.”  A treatise on how the near-given weirdness everyone is bound to encounter on public transit doesn’t have to be as big a deal as we make it out to be.  [via Chicago Sun Times]
  • So, Superman is renouncing his American citizenship.  Yes…quite literally the most popular alien / “alien” / immigrant ever was apparently an American citizen. Because apparently he’s tired of his actions being associated officially with the American government.  Can’t say I blame the line of logic he lays out for the President’s national security advisor (within the reality of the book).  An interesting sentiment to say the least.  The story apparently stems from a recent action of Supes non-violently supporting protestors in Iran, and being a mistaken symbol for the U.S.  supporting action against the country. [via Comics Alliance]
  • So, an entirely new species was discovered in an African truck stop.  So, we got that going for us as a society.  [via Scientific American]
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