Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

Hunger is perhaps the greatest driving force in the act of creativity.  Art and creativity perhaps the only thing that can satiate the sometimes gluttonous mind that might never be completely satisfied.  The upside to this is that this is perhaps the only time indulging one of the deadly sins can be considered permissible.  In this act, the mind goes to strange new frontiers, rather than accepting the mediocre.  Let’s see where it takes us this week.

  • Today’s feature image, “Bear Cop”, is taken from the premiere episode of Picnicface’s new show on the Comedy Network.  Feel free to stream the episode on their website.  [via Comedy Network]
  • Wooden box that tells you the time via knocks from the inside is not actually a clock, but a device the Ghostbusters have used to trap a living soul.  Or something.

For real though, it DOES tell time, via quarter-hour periods.  It was constructed by students from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design for a 48-hour competition.  [via Gizmodo & Makezine]

  • So, apparently this exists now:

And it’s totally real.  It’s a limited run flavour to celebrate the classic Saturday Night Live sketch and the show’s imminent return to television later this month.

[via Business Wire]

  • Best…headline…EVER:

West Liberty man says he’s ‘double dragon,’ will ‘fight everyone’

[via Press Citizen]

  • The single-serving Tumblr of the week is “Celebs With No Eyebrows”.  And it manages to be way more creepier than you’ll probably expect it to be.  [via Tumblr]

Watch Michael J. Fox debut the shoes on Letterman here.

[More at NikeKicks]

  • Why no one (myself included) has thought to do this before now is beyond fathomability, and all manner of awesome:

[via Instructables]

  • Interested in learning how to hack a beer can for the purposes of boosting your home’s wi-fi signal?  Of course you are you creatively pathetic drunk.  “…The first step is to wash out your empty beer can, unless of course said beer is a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. If it is PBR, promptly go drink a better beer. You really should be ashamed of yourself.”  [via Discovery Channel, of all places]
  • And  now, this week’s goodies post must end on a sad note, as I recount to you dear reader, the following story of woe and despair.  You see, there was this fellow named Vikrum.  You see, this past Tuesday, Vikrum, well, his day could have gone better.  His boss at the plant was forced to lay him off due to the slumping economy.  Stumbling him in a deep depression, Vikrum opened the door to his moose-bedroom only to see his wife Åsa in moose-bed with his friend Lars.  What followed next was a vengeful mess.  Bucking, hollering, stampeding back and forth, Vikrum took his rage out on his friend, kicking him to a messy pulp before Åsa threatened to call the police.  Unable to handle the sudden downturn his life had taken, Vikrum took solace at the bottom of a pile of fermented apples in the forest.  Upon the complete depletion of his supply, Vikrum stood up in rage, preparing to run off, but was stopped by some local flora, getting caught up in it’s branches.

When police and fire crews arrived to rescue him, he could be heard screaming, “I’ll bite you!  I’ll bite all of you!  AHHHHHH!!!!!”  Emergency workers reportedly wouldn’t hear any of his rantings.

Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti…  [via The Local]

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