New Documentary Will Show What “Steampunk” Can Teach us About the Future….the Very Near Future….

I’ve been curious about the whole Steampunk thing for a while. I’m familiar with the basic jist of the genre/culture – Victorian culture + technology/innovation – but I think this upcoming documentary, called Vintage Tomorrows, will answer a lot of other questions, without me looking foolish for asking:

Given that I’m a book fiend, are any readers familiar with any entry-point books in the steampunk genre?? Hit me in the comments.

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3 Responses to New Documentary Will Show What “Steampunk” Can Teach us About the Future….the Very Near Future….

  1. graysonjack says:

    I don’t get the whole steam-punk genre personally but it’s alright I suppose. I read one recently (without knowing until I started actually reading it), called The Dream of Perpetual Motion by Dexter Palmer. It was pretty interesting and almost poetic in writing; overall a good read.

  2. hannahrose42 says:

    I absolutely love steampunk. I also love Eoin Colfer, so I recommend Airman. Some other good books to get into the genre might be… Ganymede and Boneshaker by Cherie Priest, The Steampunk Bible bye Jeff VanderMeer and S. J. Chambers, and The Angry Robot series by K.W. Jeter to name a few. I recently bought A Transatlantic Tunnel Hurrah! by Harry Harrison, and I think that would be worth looking into. ALSO, if you are into video games, I cannot wait for Bioshock Infinite. Check it out if you haven’t. Now I am excited for that documentary, thank you!

  3. Gabriel says:

    I’ve played through the first two Bioshock games myself and I think they are absolutely fantastic. I’ve never really read any Steampunk literature myself, but the prospect of there being such an expansive market for it is exciting, and making me think it’s perhaps something to look into. 🙂

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