30 Day Song Challenge: 10 – A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep.

I have a playlist for falling asleep. It’s basically every slow-ish to mid-ish tempo song in my iTunes. But there’s one song in particular that just seems to lull me to sleep the most. It is a cover of the Sade song “By Your Side” by alt-country band Beachwood Sparks. FUN FACT: This song was featured in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

I love this song so much because it’s just so sweet and has such a simple-yet-beautiful arrangement. The alt-country treatment of the song is also, to me, relaxing and full of comfortable love. Like sleeping in. Or sitting in a hammock across from that someone with whom you are completely smitten. Now, the tough question – Would you rather be the big spoon or little spoon?

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