Between Two Campaigners

CONTEXT:  At Kurvball’s place last night, she’s over in the kitchen whipping up a quick dinner while I chill out with Felix in the family room.  Kurvball and I continue our conversation about what’s for dinner, shouting between rooms.

KURVBALL:  And I’ve got peanut butter cookies

GABE:  Sweet!

KURVBALL:  Made with splenda!

GABE:  Artificial Sweet!

KURVBALL:  And “colon-blow” (EDITOR’S NOTE:  Whole wheat flour)

GABE:  *pause*

KURVBALL:  Yeah, I was wondering where you might go with that.

GABE:  Yeah, I got nothing.

KURVBALL:  Artificial bowel buddies!

GABE:  *another pause*…WAIT, are the buddies artificial, or are the bowels artificial?!


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