“New York” Novels, Children’s Books, a Sci-Fi Books Flowchart (!!), and a Bookshop Owner Gives a Thief His Comeuppance: This Book-Related News Post is Brought to You by the VERY Precariously-Stacked Pile of Books Beside my Bookcase.

Because I like to think there is a small pocket of readers who will care.

Fall is a very busy month in the publishing industry, because not only are there a billion new releases, but it’s also a pretty busy awards season too. The Giller shortlist is out, as is the Man Booker shortlist and the Rogers Writer’s Trust shortlist.  The past week-ish, I’ve been collecting some book-related articles for one big posting….which you are currently reading. Enjoy!

  • Back in August, NPR presented the results of a public poll, coming up with the Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy novels. As if that isn’t a good primer for those people – such as myself – who are not very familiar with those genres, the folks at SF Signal (reposted by The Mary Sue) have created a very detailed – and pretty freakin’ cool – flowchart to help guide the noobs through these genres. I would’ve put the image directly into the post, but it was way too big!

  • Back in March, I mentioned in this post that former SNL-er Jenny Slate (along with Dean Fleischer-Camp) was going to produce a children’s book featuring her viral video character Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. Jezebel has stills from the forthcoming book, along with an interview. And as a refresher, and because it’s abso-freakin’-dorable, here’s the original Marcel video:

  • Because reading – especially an ink-on-paper book – really IS sexy. [via Jacket Copy]

  • I know. The New York Post isn’t exactly top-quality journalism. But they had the most detailed of all the articles posted online regarding the story of a library thief who would bring stolen books (specifically expensive graphic novels) to an East Village bookstore in an attempt to sell them, and the bookstore owner who was aware of this ruse and finally stepped in to stop the foolishness. Well done, sir. Well done. [via The New York Post]

  • Lonely Planet guidebook writer offers a series of vignettes describing her experience in Libya, while filing freelance reports from the Arab Spring. [via Guernica Magazine]

  • After I went to New York, I went through a bit of a “New York books” phase, which included Tama Janowitz’s Slaves of New York, and Bright Lights Big City and Story of My Life by Jay McInerney. Here’s McInerney’s take on some essential New York novels. [via The Browser]

  • Considering Roald Dahl is one of my favorite children’s authors, this is GREAT news! [via Paste]

  • I’m really not sure why I buried this story so far in this post, considering it was very informative, and the Chelsea Hotel is legendary and full of so many fantastic stories, but NPR has taken a look at the future of the landmark hotel/residence. [via NPR Arts & Life]

  • So, 50 Cent is coming out with a partially-autobiographical YA novel called Playground. Alrighty. Anyway, Entertainment Weekly has the first 3 chapters. According to the introduction, the rapper wanted to write the book to “show a kid who has become a bully — how and why that happened, and whether or not he can move past it.” Oh, and the 13 year-old bully is named Butterball. And there goes the name of my imaginary pet pony. [Entertainment Weekly, via New York Magazine]

  • Are you a failed novelist? Morgan Spurlock wants to hear from you. [via GalleyCat]

  • Sarah Wendell of the website Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, has written a book called Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels. Here’s an article about both Sarah and her book.

  • And finally, the Occupy Wall Street protests have a working library, and here’s the address where you can donate reading materials…should you have any leftist literature lying around.

That’s it folks. Happy Friday and happy reading!

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