HHHhhhooooooooooolllllyyyyy Shityouguys. New Trailer for “The Avengers” is Up.


  • I may have peed myself a wee bit in excitement.
  • First of all, way to sneak in The Incredible Hulk when you could clearly afford multiple shots of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.  At least one shot of him tearing shit up would have been nice.
  • Secondly, I loved that I’m also a music nerd, because my ears instantly perked up when that Nine Inch Nails song started playing.  (“We’re in This Together” if you were wondering).
  • Was anyone else at all impressed with the way they way the blew those cars the hell up?  I know it’s standard action movie fodder, but it almost seemed done on a scale I’ve not seen in an action film before.
  • This movie just seems like damned fun waiting to be had.  I’m giddy you guys, really giddy, because this looks really good in the end, and Joss Whedon is clearly doing right by this franchise.
  • Also, if I might borrow something from The Mary Sue, Samuel L. Jackson’s character CLEARY boils down to this:


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