Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

Decisions have to be made in life.  Sometimes they take us to scary places, sometimes they take us to absolutely amazing places, and finally, sometimes they take us to relatively mediocre places, but motivate us to wish and strive for something better, pushing us finally to hat headspace that for the longest time we could never get ourselves into.  Also, Conan scooped me on one of my entries for this post last night.  Sometimes I also wonder if anyone reads this intro paragraphs of mine.  Freemasons run the country.

  • Today’s feature image, a single-frame tale of mystery and unfortunate woe.  [via i are tumble]
  • Never let it be said that Scrabble tournaments aren’t without their intense drama, as a case of suspected tile-hiding in a recent final match resulted in one player stubbornly demanding a strip-search of his opponent.  It did not go well for him.  [via Shortlist]
  • Four words my friends, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses.”  *extends arm, drops Tumblr mike, walks away*  [via Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses]
  • I know I’m a huge nerd and everything, but still, god help me if I ever end up getting this for any potential children I may have.  [via ThinkGeek]

  • Donating your dead body to science has just became greater shitloads of cool now that science is offering mummification options.  [via New Scientist]
  • OH…EHMMM…GEE.  “Bouncy Castle for Sale.”  [via Craigslist]
  • Punching bag for sale.  “…asking $40, willing to trade for 1 oz of silver coin/bullion bar, or 2 Canadian silver dollars that are 1967 or earlier.”  [via Craigslist]
  • You don’t ever see the colour pink, your argument is invalid.  Trust me on this one.  [via Gizmodo]

  • BTW they found the missing German adventurer who was traveling around the globe. His trip got cut short when… um… someone ate him.  [via The Telegraph]
  • I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my time, but more of it needs to be spent on the hipster hub that is Etsy, after discovering the nostalgia laden product offered below.  And if you don’t recognize it, you have had a horrible, lacking childhood.  [via Etsy]

Someone tell PETA to fire up the Angry Letter Machine.

  • All I’m going to do is type “REAL LIFE ALBINO CYCLOPS SHARK” and you’re going to immediately click the link.  It’s that simple my friends.  PS, don’t say I didn’t warn you.  [via Metro UK]
  • “The 2,000-foot long [HOT WHEELS] course goes through their entire 14-room house, down the street, around to the backyard, and then back inside. That makes for a 3-minute lap, which blows away the 3 seconds it took a car to go around the Super Duper Double Loopers we had as kids.”  [via The Daily What]

  • Less than a week ago, Kurvball found out that Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamil has been THE guy for all voice acting gigs for Batman’s arch-enemey, The Joker. Also less than a week ago, I found out he’s retiring from this sweet sweet gig.  This makes me have “the sad.”  [via Comics Alliance]
  • It’s a f***ing rideable-on-the-outside, cloud-shaped zeppelin people!  Why the f*** are we even sitting discussing this when we could be out there helping this thing come into fruition?!  Damned hippies.  [via Cargo Collective]
  • One would think that a headline like “Five stabbed at ‘welcome home from jail’ party” would be from The Onion, but one would also be hilariously wrong.  [via MSNBC]
  • This actually looks like a legitimately entertaining cultural study of extreme fandom gone wrong.  And might be watchable, unlike…*shudder*…”Trekkies”.

It’s a car wreck of a story about a mysterious “sellout” status told to would-be ticket buyers … con staff who go into shock when the truth is revealed … fans wrongly kicked out of their hotel rooms … dealers who “pass the hat” to keep the doors open … the incredible “burning planet” … and the unsuspecting Hollywood folk who walk into this potential PR nightmare.

[via The Con of Wrath Official Website]

  • Rear window LED display is the thing I never knew I’ve always wanted.  [via Hack a Day]
  • Revel in the curious underbelly of the New York City subway conductor lifestyle.  [via Jalopnik]
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One Response to Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

  1. hannahrose42 says:

    Nice post! About the Star Trek babies thing — I will subject my children to many geeky things. If my children turn out to be jocks, I will be sorely disappointed.
    About the mummification — that’s neat, but does it really advance anything? I will donate my body to science, but I hope that they will use it in a way to gain new information about some weird disease I am sure to have when I die (I am the biggest hypochondriac I know).

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