Too Much Gabes – Episode #06: Potty Talk

On today’s show, Gabe and I decide that it’s time to get our inevitably shitty show out of the way as we cover a crapload of potty talk. Join us in our potty parlance!

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  • “Toilets of the World”, by Morna E. Gregory and photographer Sian James.  [via TotW’s Official Website]
  • Wired Magazine’s article on Björk here, photos of the physical magazine itself that I referenced in the podcast below.

*click to embiggen*

*click to embiggen*

  • Thomas Crapper, advocate of the toilet, inventer of the Ballcock, set-upper of toilet humor everywhere.
  • Japanese Toilets!!!

  • Bathroom attendants explained, including a photo of that ladybug robot I referenced in the podcast.  [via The Complete Traveller]

  • No potty talk is complete without a reference to the “Three Seashells” scene from the Sylvester Stallone movie “Demolition Man”.  Nor it’s theorized explanation here.

  • The miracle that is the Dyson hand dryer:

*click to embiggen*

In action:

Visual explanation of how it works:

  • Women apparently have urinals too, not sure why in the world I decided to google that however.  [via Gothamist]
  • Comedian Jim Jeffries and his bit about Bathrooms, as Ottawa Gabe referenced:

  • Male bathroom etiquette (including the buffer-zone rule for urinals) as explained by
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