Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

Ahhhhh, yes, what might easily be the final Goodies post of the year (hint, probably not).  Just means that Kurvball and I are traveling “way out of town” this coming Monday morning, for the rest of the month.  And while we’ll be sure to enjoy ourselves, we’ll still have time to document proof of our intercontinental journey through the art of iPhonery., and, I dunno, matchsticks or something.  But our years and our times take us to strange new places, our environments are often altered from year to year.  What I had last year was different from what comes up.  I’m happy to adapt, because I feel that enables me to maintain my grip on reality, helps me soldier on, and keep up with the adventure.  We’ll adventure on to links in a moment, but if you and I don’t talk before the new year…well…

I shall exercise my olfactory skills in the proximity of your malodorous selves at a spacetime yet to be determined.  I’m outta here.

  • Today’s feature image, “MetalHead”, by Dave Rapooza.
  • The Japanese have plans to actually clone a wooly mammoth to completion.  Jeff Goldblum slowly shakes his head in his hands.  Sweet merciful Jesus, the one thing those guys lack in plans to take over the world is manpower.  They have all the brains and tech to take care of the rest, just need folks to man the delivery.  [via Dvice]
  • Hybrid Taxidermy is the pants-shitting inducing dream you will want to have.  [via BangStyle]
  • Pancake plates people!  PANCAKE PLATES!  The technology is evolving!  [via Uncommon Goods]

  • Army sandwich threatens to set off bomb in your stomach after it’s THREE YEAR SHELF-LIFE expires.  [via BBC]
  • Anachronistic movie/TV set photos.  Come for The Planet of the Apes, stay for those wacky folks from Marie Antoinette and Mad Men.  [via Buzzfeed]
  • Norway!  Y u no have butter?!  Why u hav butter crisis?!  Why u bee this guy?  [via Reuters]
  • I swear to god and all that is holy that if you don’t get me this for Christmas, you’re on my dunzo list.  You hear me?!  DONE-ZO!  Ever since that one Fabreeze commercial aired, I’ve always wanted a giant fantasy pet aimlessly floating about my home as if it were a fish-tank:

On a slightly related note, did watching the above video remind anyone of the end of William Gibson’s “Zero History”?  With the iPhone-controlled air-balloon?  [via Air Swimmers]

  • Because who WOULDN’T want to look at a slideshow of kids about to shit their pants while in the presence of Santa Claus?  [via Life]
  • Dried giant beetles wearing hand-made Jurassic Park costumes are available on Etsy; you know, if that’s your thing.  [via Etsy]
  • Autobot Ukulele because why not?!  [via Etsy]
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