Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

Crises have a way of putting pressure on a person.  Like softly squeezing a water balloon, bits of us tend to pop out through open spaces of ourselves, in uncomfortable ways, with uncomfortable results.  It’s not pretty, but if we’re mature enough about ourselves, they help us figure out where we’re our weakest, simultaneously helping us figure out what might be a particularly priority for ourselves.  Listen to what you’re personality is trying to tell yourself, but don’t let it speak.  Embarrassing and dangerous things happen after that.

  • Today’s feature image, don’t know where I got this one either.
I’m not going to say I found the best Tumblr ever, but I found the best Tumblr ever.

  • Extra! Queen of England engages in the practice of ritualistic human sacrifice!* [via Yahoo!]
  • F*** you Japan! F*** YOU! For being so far gawd-damned ahead of the curve on vending machine tech. Drinks, beer, crabs, underwear, I, I must be there, just to stare at those lovely machines. Now they’re offering free wi-fi. You don’t even have to buy anything from the bloody machine. To quote Kurvball, “I want to go to there.” [via Tech Crunch]
  • Old school television cartoon heroes from the 1980’s in fancy dress look like a gawdamn convention of mutants & hipsters. I think hipster She-Ra might have to be put on my “freebies list”. [via The Mary Sue]

  • This über-realistic Steve Jobs action figure comes complete with a kung-fu grip on your wallet.  [via Courier Mail]
  • Ssssssooooooooooo…THIS happened the other day:

And it was for charity too!  I gotta tell ya, I would not mind buying this boy a beer one of these days.  [via Geekosystem]

  • Quantas’ Airbus  A380 looks like it’s got planes that Jean-Luc Picard could captain.  [via Mail Online]
  • I have no explanation for what’s to be found at the accompanying link here, other than it should be renamed “loading a cat, and buffering song”.  [via Procatinator]
  • French Darth Vadar Burger buns looks like they come with a serious side of cancer.  No, sorry, I was thinking of the Star Wars film it’s designed to be celebrating.  *finger-snap*.  [via Shortlist]

I can't figure out if those are marshmallows or cheese-curds in that heifer on the right.

  • Squirl and T-Rex share a love whose name must never be spoken.  [via The Sun]

Leave your watch at home my dear, because when we're together, time stands still.

  • Residents of Toronto have organized a Strip-Spelling Bee.  I’m SO proud of my hometown.  Still waiting for someone to help me figure out the rules of “Strip Jenga”. [via A.V. Club Toronto]

*Maaayyybeee. I dunno what she does over there. She could though, right?

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