Too Much Gabes – Episode #10: Zombie Outbreak Preparedness and etc.

Today, us Gabes bring up the finger points of a good zombie survival plan, including my own extremely valid point of going to Walmart post-outbreak being a bad idea all together.  Oh, and then there was a slew of movie talk for some inescapable reason, but hey, I’M not complaining. On with the show!

iTunes – The podcast is available for free on itunes, feel free to subscribe to it here.  Or simply search “Too Much Gabes” in the podcasts section of iTunes store.

Podomatic – In addition to being available on iTunes, the podcast can also be streamed via our podcast host here.

All episodes/show notes can be found via the page link at the blog header above too.

  • “Blade” Trailer:

  • “Bloodsport” Trailer:

  • Team Guy Who Almost Hit Bella With His Car.  [via Spreadshirt]

  • “The Core” Trailer:

  • Sonny Chiba in “The Streetfighter”

  • Sonny Chiba in “Kill Bill”

  • “Zombieland” Trailer

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