Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

— Isaac Asimov

  • Today’s feature image, an Alabama-ian basketball fan, at a game with his favorite team playing Florida.  [via]
  • 8 Common Animal Misconceptions:

  • Hissing cockroaches giving birth upside down is the stuff made out of H.R. Geiger‘s nightmares:
  • Maybe I’m old fashioned, but a woman’s breasts shouldn’t compete with the size of her head.  [via Buzzfeed]
  • For your viewing pleasure, thirty photos from a Chinese sex-doll factory.  Very NSFW.  [via Buzzfeed]

  • Walk of Shame shuttle service.  Do it for the high-fives.  [via Jalopnik]
  • 6 Theories on childrens’ pop culture.  Donald duck promotes soulless capitalism, the Wizard of Oz is political satire, the surfs are Nazis (of course), Babar the Elephant is a colonial apologist, the reality of Thomas the Tank Engine is a totalitarian dystopia (which, when you read it, DOES seem disturbingly accurate), and of course  everyone in “Winnie the Pooh” displays textbook psychiatric disorders, an almost myth, was started by CANADIAN academics.  Including folks from Dalhousie, I’m so proud of my Canadian brothers.  [via Cracked]
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