Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

I bought a vintage, one-dollar Star Wars Bobba Fett trading card today.  What did you do, hmmmm?

  • Today’s feature image, just…don’t ask for a title.  [va Reddit]
  • Absinth-Pops are a real thing.  [via Gizmodo]
  • So…who’s in the market for an 8-bit, 8 x 3 feet mural of the complete world from the original Legend of Zelda?  ‘Cause Etsy has got you covered.  [via Etsy]

  • No one bother naming any other boats ever, the HMS Sandwich is the best a ship’s name can/was ever.  Minus that fishing boat for sale on the edge of town that was christened “Pier Pressure”.  [via Wikipedia]

  • DIY Lego Key Holder!  [via Mineco]
  • Would it be a terrible idea to commission an “artist” to photoshop Nicolas Cages head on to my body?  A user on Etsy has got you covered should you ever feel the urge.  [via Etsy]
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