Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

“A sane person to an insane society must appear insane.”  -Kurt Vonnegut

  • Today’s feature image, “One of the best emblems I’ve ever seen”, via Reddit.
  • The Bill Murray coloring book will have ironic adults and mis-aligned children alike giving vibrancy and life to the most identity-less man out there.  [via Belly Kids]

  • These animals must go home now, their planet needs them.  [via Buzzfeed]
  • I don’t know what it says about my intimate fantasies that this compels me to put Isabella Rossellini on my “freebies list”, but here I sit, a weird, strange man of convoluted neurosis.

  • 80 Teddy Ruxpin doll art installation is as if David Lynch puked all over your childhood.  Because, you know, you need that in your day.  [via Severe Enterprises]

  • Edwardian DJ booth is a music-loving Steampunker’s wet dream.  [via Dummy Mag]

  • F*** it!  Robots are making our decisions for us now!  [via Geekologie]
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