“Nature is still the best makeup artist.” – A new photo book celebrates freckle faces, and I think it’s awesome.

Look, just because you’re my Future Husband does not mean you can tug my hair. Just stop that.

When I was little, I had so many strangers getting all up in my business, gawking at my freckles, that my mom was freaked I’d develop some sort of complex. Then I got sassy, and once (when I was about 4) when an elderly woman swooped in, being all “OMG I LOVE YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE FRECKLES WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE,” I responded flatly, “At Reitmans.” BOOM.

When sitting for my university graduation pictures, the photographer was showing my mom how photoshop could take away a couple flyaway hairs. He then added, “I can even take away freckles!” Cue mom freakout, and cue an awkward feeling for this girl right here.

As I was growing up and attempting to make peace with my physical appearance – for many women, an ongoing project – I grew to seriously love my freckles, taking them as a point of pride, and a reminder that I am, in more ways than one, my father’s daughter. I even have a couple favorite freckles (I’m strange). The one on the inside of my foot, in that space between the ankle and the heel, has nothing around it and just sit there, all alone. But my absolute favorite is my lip freckle. I remember when it appeared and I thought it was dirt. Nope, it was a freckle and sweet Jesus, it’s kinda hot. I LOVE it.

And as a way to say viva les freckles, Los Angeles-based, Swiss-born photographer Reto Caduff has recently released a limited edition photography book celebrating the beauty of women with freckles. In beautiful black and white images, Caduff shows women with small dustings across their faces and women with their faces “covered with beauty marks.” Click here to see the website for the book! Applause, and a tip of the cap to you, Reto Caduff:

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1 Response to “Nature is still the best makeup artist.” – A new photo book celebrates freckle faces, and I think it’s awesome.

  1. onelastbook says:

    Ha, Reitmans.

    I’ve always thought your freckles are pretty 🙂

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