Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

“The day we stop exploring is the day we commit ourselves to a stagnant world, devoid of curiosity, empty of dreams.” -Neil deGrasse Tysomn

  • Today’s feature image, an item from “25 Terrifyingly Taxidermied Birds”, via Buzzfeed.
  • Tell your boss you’re taking a sick day, because this Twitter application will take your day and any potential productivity into it’s onyx maw, devouring it to satisfy it’s netherworldly appetite. Yes, this service will tweet messages from your content after having composed it from a random mish-mash of your other tweets. Yes, this entity that only Mary Shelley with a time machine could conceive of, with all it’s poetry, is the end times of your day. [via That Can Be My Next Tweet]

Just posted a federal agent getting seriously winded in a Transformers game.

  • “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I regret to inform you that our scheduled flight to Talahasse will be delayed slightly DUE TO BEES! NO! NOT THE BEES!” [via The Toronto Star]
  • “FYI, this was not made with love” and other strange notes from your Mom. [via Happy Place]

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