Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

“Affection is important because it counters anger, hatred and suspicion that can prevent our minds from functioning clearly.”  -Dalai Lama

  • Ironically, most people at least somewhat aware of the rumors surrounding the park, are aware of the secret VIP dining club that exists within the grounds of the park.  In contrast, I wasn’t aware of what amounts to an underground city laying underneath the entire place.  This and other fun unsettling facts about Disney World.  [via Cracked]
  • Sriracha popcorn, [a real thing], “…pace yourself through this riverboat cruise of deliciousness.”  [via The Oatmeal]

  • You could try this, but you’d be at a realistic risk of a seizure…and would just walk around the rest of the day muttering, “Fuck you, internet” under your breath, not realizing you didn’t turn away from this link until minutes after you encountered it, not seconds.  [via Staggering Beauty]

  • You’re going to watch the video at this link simply because the headline says “Ex-Amish Rodeo Cowgirl.”  It’s the BBC…it’s NEWS.  [via BBC]
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