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Dildo, Newfoundland

23% of Dildo, Newfoundland residents don't get the joke — Stats Canada (@stats_canada) June 30, 2013

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[WATCH] Nine Inch Nails’ David Lynch-Directed “Came Back Haunted” Video

While I literally at this moment try to figure out a way to get tickets to Nine Inch Nails’ concert here in Toronto this fall, news of the video for the first single from the new album came across the … Continue reading

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The A.V. Club visited “Third Man Records

…and thus basically found my über-ultra jealous kryptonite.  I mean…have you ever had a feeling of want to go back to a place you’ve never actually been back to before?  The great road-trip that Kurvball have planned for ourselves in … Continue reading

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Bob Barker is a threshold guardian.

This is much of my university level introduction to literature studies class boiled down to a five-minute video with gruff (maybe drunk) and sasss-talking puppets.  Hero archetypes are a dime a dozen in literature, but that’s because we’ve been recycling … Continue reading

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[WATCH] Trailer for Tom Lennon & Ben Garrant’s “Hell Baby”

Macbre humor at it’s best, with two gentleman that never looked better being ironic in a priest cossack. The cast also includes Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Riki Lindhome, Kumail Nanjiani, and Michael Ian Black.

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Haikus ‘Cause I’m Bored

I want ?uestlove’s tie, I want to be choked with words, My eyes are down there. NOTE: In this same episode of TDS, he explains how this one episode of the Cosby Show irrevocably changed hip-hop with one simple display … Continue reading

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[WATCH] Trailer #4 for Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim”

aka. “Robots VS Monsters”, aka “I don’t give a shit about the previous title”, aka “This is hollywood’s biggest monster nerd making a movie with a hollywood budged”, aka “did you remember this guy is an Oscar nominee?” aka “why … Continue reading

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