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Musicless music videos is the gift the internet needed to give us this week.

I cannot describe to you how pink I’ve been tickled by this small but clever series.  Marvel as Jamiroquai Jay Kay fumbles about a room as he eerily stares at you giving you the clearest understanding of what schizophrenia is like. Check … Continue reading

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I stared at this a good while longer than I care to admit.

[via MVGL]

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No weak-ass luck-dragons

Okay Oklahoma, you win. B/c someone paid for this ad & b/c the paper actually ran it. — Karen Padilla (@GlitteringPony) January 26, 2014

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I’ve had dreams like this.

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Watch last night’s Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl, and Lindsey Buckingham performance

For those of you that were watching the Grammys along with Kurvball and I, you’d have noticed the performance got cut off midway through with ads.  Always sucks to be the closing act of an awards show because you’re almost … Continue reading

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A short-story in two tweets.

Daft Punk held each others hand as they stared across the room looking at Paul McCartney and Ringo Star… #Grammys — Shock & Awe (@shockedandawed) January 27, 2014 …"They must never know" they robotically whispered to each other, wiping away … Continue reading

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My Brother My Brother and Me

I’m a modest man my friends, but I will slap the table I’m at (public or private) HARD every time I listen to this thing.  I’m ploughing through old episodes at the cost of my catching up with Jordan Jesse Go … Continue reading

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