Windows into my future parenting

Because I guarantee there will be at least one point in my future where I will do this to my kid(s). And there is a fifty-fifty chance said incident will be done on purpose.

tumblr_n9w51wXrdB1s04ajfo1_400 tumblr_n9w51wXrdB1s04ajfo4_400 tumblr_n9w51wXrdB1s04ajfo2_400 tumblr_n9w51wXrdB1s04ajfo3_400 tumblr_n9w51wXrdB1s04ajfo5_400 tumblr_n9w51wXrdB1s04ajfo6_400 tumblr_n9w51wXrdB1s04ajfo7_400 tumblr_n9w51wXrdB1s04ajfo8_400

[via The Queen is Not Amused]

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