On the subject of Jack White’s 7-inch vinyl singles

Back when Jack White released his first solo album “Blunderbuss”, many people were excited, myself included. Free of the tethers he had with The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, and especially The White Stripes, many questioned what sound he would produce as a musician I beholden to anyone’s creative vision except just his own. The results were fantastic, sure, but of interesting note was greater vision White had for his project . Being the music here that I am, I collected the 7-inch vinyl singles for the album, and noticed a particular trend. The cover designs all had the same color scheme, and we’re all set in the same physic environment. And then Lo and behold, they all formed quadrich, (a four-panel triptych if you will). Fast forward to today and Jack White’s mediocre second solo album; I bought the first single, because I like it, and it’s b-side is an awesome Elvis tune. Sure enough, White is continuing the tradition. See everything below.


*Click to Embiggen*


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