Hi children, I’m the stuffed stuff of your cuddly nightmares.

In a move that’s sure to send you straight to your blankies, artist Kent Rogowski has taken a series of photographs if stuffed animal creatures, turned inside out and restuffed.


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inside-out-teddy-bear-2 inside-out-teddy-bear-3 inside-out-teddy-bear-4 inside-out-teddy-bear-5 inside-out-teddy-bear-6 inside-out-teddy-bear-7 inside-out-teddy-bear-8 inside-out-teddy-bear-9 inside-out-teddy-bear-10 inside-out-teddy-bear-11 inside-out-teddy-bear-12 inside-out-teddy-bear-13 inside-out-teddy-bear-14 inside-out-teddy-bear-15 inside-out-teddy-bear-16

[via Kent Rogowski]

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