Grown man gets stuck inside claw machine.

While this is not an uncommon story for men, children, and cats to be involved with, I beam with pride on this occasion as my friend from here in Toronto has shown the courage to do something I would never dream of finding myself capable of.

Allow me to offer some context on my friend’s (Let’s call him “Rusty”) shenanigans via his wife:

…[His] band went to West Nyack, NY to play a wedding of some of their fans. The wedding was in a mall and there was a Dave & Busters. Needless to say they spent a fair amount of time there because their hotel was across the street from the mall. Rusty is really good at the claw machine and he always wins something. Right before this video was taken Rusty won a giant orange dolphin which, is sitting on our reading chair presently. Anyways, they put money in to play again and this time the claw malfunctioned and dropped without letting them move the claw. So, Rusty, realizing he could fit in the machine because, I guess it’s huge, climbed in through the drop shoot. The rest is what you see there. Contrary to what it looks like they were not that drunk. Three seconds after he got out a security guard came around the corner and they scurried. They were not found out.

Guess I maybe I need to reconsider a visit to my local Dave & Busters.  [via ABC 7 Eyewitness News]

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