Oh Christopher Nolan

tumblr_ng24dmVtkq1qe5ugfo5_250 tumblr_ng24dmVtkq1qe5ugfo4_250 tumblr_ng24dmVtkq1qe5ugfo1_250 tumblr_ng24dmVtkq1qe5ugfo2_250 tumblr_ng24dmVtkq1qe5ugfo6_r1_250tumblr_ng24dmVtkq1qe5ugfo3_250The actual interview itself is hilariously entertaining, if just to hear a distinguished English guy like Nolan, maker of many distinguished and well-regarded films say “Shit” repeatedly in a three-minute interview.  Also, Interstellar itself is an amazing if not long and bleak film.  Go see that too. [via The Colbert Report]

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