Summing up “The Knick”


This person on Tumblr perfectly summed up why I so thoroughly enjoyed The Knick.

I’m watching a series called The Knick, which stars Clive Owen as a surgeon in 1900.
I’m only on the first episode and so far we have sassy nuns, super gory operations on pregnant ladies, full-frontal nudity, racism, slums, tuberculosis, child labor, suicide, drug use, bribery, and a rich white lady who wants to be in charge.

I think I’m going to like this. Hell yeah, operating on people without wearing gloves. Sanitation is so overrated.  [via The Hungry Feminist]

Also, if you have a chance, the score for the series is damned impressive, and can be found on iTunes.  At the very least, look into “Son of Placenta Previa”.

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