Ever look at something on the internet only to close it immediately b/c it’s just so damned creative you can never match anything like it?

First, start with Carl Merriam ‘s rendition of H.G. Wells’ titular Time Machine centrepiece,…

gqdpkkza9ng1ynlhsicb wtylorxkztslri2qqkqn

…then move on to his Flickr page, where examples like the following are on display, cry at the beauty, and weep and mash your teeth that LEGO officially will probably never get around to selling what he’s made.

4620224699_b44cf4ff54_z 8497252874_a6a878d38e_z 9132248006_608886948a_z 9360110291_d389ae042c_z


9830683454_40d71363f6_z 10722162013_6bb5eccf11_z 11904602185_931f2d1063_z 12185877914_cd8969c5cf_z

[via Carl Merriam]

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