On the subject of “The Dead Authors Podcast”

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So, let me tell you about this lovely bear of a podcast that tickles so many of my fancies.  The Dead Authors Podcast helmed by renowned comedian Paul F. Tompkins and appeals to various nerdy.  Performed live and released every few weeks, Tompkins portrays a time-traveling H.G. Wells who whisks away famous literary icons (portrayed by various comedian friends of his) from their original time periods and brings them forth to present-day California where he interviews them in front of a live studio audience at the UCB Theatre.  As they’re not aware of questions ahead of time, guests improvise their responses in character and an astonishing amount of hilarity ensues.  

I’ve not gone through the entire back catalog myself, but have just recently completed going through a large selection of authors I’m more familiar with.  And I am more than satisfied with what I’ve found.  When I podcast I listen to in public forces me to stifle a large fit of laughter for fear of weird looks from strangers, I feel as if I’ve hit upon something golden.  You have below you various clips with the subjects interviewed doing promos for their episodes.  Choice items I might recommend would be Tennessee Williams (as played by Kristen Schaal), Ayn Rand (as played by John Hodgkin), Ian Flemming (as played by Matt Gourley), and another one featuring Earnest Hemingway.  This podcast, it’s just…it tickles my comedy nerd brain as well as my literary nerd brain.  God bless you Mr. Tompkins for producing a legitimately enlightening, hilarious, and even somewhat educational podcast whose proceeds are donated to charity.

Tennessee Williams

William S. Burroughs

Joseph Cambell

Ian Flemming

Roald Dahl

Marquis de Sade

Miguel de Cervantes

Agatha Christie

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