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Anita Sarkeesian take on the protagonist from “Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP” is an apt one.

“…gives us a female protagonist, and encourages us to see her as a hero first and foremost, one who just happens to be a woman.”  An excellent take on what will forever be one of my favorite indie games ever.

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There is literally an arcade game out there where the point is to rage-flip a table over…

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This frame from the latest issue of “Elektra” is blowing my mind.

    Tweak the color and sharpness just a little bit and one has multiple layers of depth in a shot that just screams tension and imminent action. *Please, click to embiggen, you won’t regret it* Elektra #11 (2015) Written … Continue reading

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Young Avengers (2005 – 2006) #7

Luke Cage has always had a way of getting straight to the point of whatever he’s talking about.  [via Comic Book Vault]

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Words are a powerful tool.

[via Feminist Magical Girl]

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Disney deleted scenes

[via I Raff I Ruse]

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Music on my commute home from work: Kate Tempest

I recently heard Kate Tempest featured on a couple of recent episodes of NPR’s All Songs Considered.  She’s got an amazing amount of stamina, heart, and lyrical deftness in her work.

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