Captain America VS. Iron Man in Marvel’s original “Civil War” story.

Hey, remember that time Captain America almost killed Iron Man?  

Taken from the source material that will inspire the next Captain America film.  I’m not entirely sure why I really took to this one.  Maybe it’s that one sequence at the beginning of the series where Cap jumps off the edge of a helicarrier to evade capture, lands on a passing plane, forces said plane down, and buys the pilot a burger to apologize before going underground from the law.

Maybe because it was the most realistic story the Marvel universe had in a LONG time.  Where the heroes were forced to look in on themselves and take serious stock in the consequences of what they were doing.  Ethics and moral lines got blurred across the board, allies get realigned, sacrifices were identified and lost, borderline unholy crimes committed.  It evened things out really, everyone was a hero AND a villain in this story in their efforts to hold on to what they believed, it equalized things for everyone to an uncomfortable level.  The Civil War storyline had a curious effect of highlighting how truly bonded together the superhero community was in highlighting some absolute truths about the world.  

None of the more hokey storylines that can sometimes come of this world.  Fantastical elements were stripped down, human sides pushed up more along with a believable and almost relatable sense of drama.  

And I know I’m a broken record when it comes to this phrasing, but the writing AND the artwork in this was amazing, and is a perfect example of how it’s vitally important to have strength in both, so that each may compliment each other.  A realistic and grounded story needs sharp lines, clear definition, and strong coloring to emphasize a more relatable and contemporarily set tale.

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Captain America vs. Iron Man: Round 2
CIVIL WAR #7 (April 2007)
Art by Steve McNiven (pencils), Dexter Vines (inks) & Morry Hollowell (colors)
Words by Mark Millar

[via Bendis!]

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