Brian Bendis on the Nerdist Podcast


Over the years I’ve come to appreciate Brian Bendis’ work in the comics industry more and more.  He’s got a very heartfelt, enthusiastic style about him that intelligently embraces the medium he works in.   The man knows what he’s doing (as I’m sure his college course illustrates).  I would immediately point to you his work on Daredevil with artist Alex Maleev which may have single-handedly saved that title from extinction. They’re work on the character and his world have irrevocably informed him to this day.  Alias, the story of Jessica jones, ex-hero-turned private investigator is a story featuring a very well-developed character.  Or, hell, check out Scarlet (if you can find it, surprisingly difficult, even for me, working in a bookstore and all), the tale of a revolutionary young girl.  Plus he’s doing pretty solid work on the X-Men titles these days.  [via]

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