Ronald Wimberly & #LightenUp

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This one hit a little close to home, being both a big fan of many of, if not most of, Marvel Comics’ published properties, as well as someone of Latin American background (Swedish-Peruvian to be specific, where my place of birth was in Peru).  Over at The Nib, Wimberly tells his story of a time he worked on as an artist on a story for Marvel, where his Editor made a deal about changing the skin-tone of a Latin-American woman he had drawn.  A statement dripping with irony, considering the variety of peoples in the Marvel universe.  Particularly when it deals with the X-Men universe, which is where Wimberly’s story more specifically taking place.  

Wimberly story is an interesting one that reminds us that even the things we love can be broken at times, and how we should never stop taking these subjects seriously.  I like the way Wimberly dealt with his moral dilemma.  [via The Nib]

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