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Kurvball turned my attention to this amazing Instagram account that features people being interviews ala Humans of New York, only inquiring about the books subjects are found to be reading while they ride the subway.  Makes me wish they randomly run into me one of these days (even though I don’t live in New York City).  

The Marshmallow Test by Walter Mischel. Michael: "I heard of the Marshmallow Test, it's a test they did at Stanford University, and think it's pretty interesting. It was intended to measure the willpower of children and what role willpower plays in their development and success. This book might be interesting for parents who want to help their kids develop coping skills and self-control. Like the author, I have a lot of problems with willpower. I can tell someone that I will never eat banana splits again and then eat one 2 hours later. I have my fingers crossed that this book will work for me." #waltermischel #marshmallowtest #stanford #willpower #study #bananasplit #bookreview #newyork #subwaybookreview

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Foundation by Isaac Asimov. Laura: "I just started to read on the subway. I take the G to the C to the F to get to Dumbo and I was getting very irritated every morning. I thought if I could do something inspiring and productive with my time I would cease to notice the irritation of my journey. As you saw I am totally engrossed in my book. Usually books find me. When the student is ready the book will appear. Before this book I read one titled 'Uncertainty', then 'The Courage to Write' and now 'Foundation'. When I reflect on the sequence it seems the books I read follow a natural course. This one is a sci fi novel. I haven't read Asimov in a long time. Since I started reading on the train I've finished 5 books." #foundation #isaacasimov #scifi #future #mathematician #series #brooklyn #dumbo #mta #subway #bookreview #newyork #subwaybookreview

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