Kelly Reemtsen’s works

tumblr_nsc9grA3IN1ql08jto3_500 tumblr_nsc9grA3IN1ql08jto4_500 tumblr_nsc9grA3IN1ql08jto1_500 tumblr_nsc9grA3IN1ql08jto10_500 tumblr_nsc9grA3IN1ql08jto6_500 tumblr_nsc9grA3IN1ql08jto5_500 tumblr_nsc9grA3IN1ql08jto9_500 tumblr_nsc9grA3IN1ql08jto2_500 tumblr_nsc9grA3IN1ql08jto8_500 tumblr_nsc9grA3IN1ql08jto7_500

(All images via skidmore contemporary art)

“Kelly Reemtsen’s paintings explore the paradoxical state of being female in post-feminist contemporary society”   (Lia Skidmore. April, 2011 read more at skidmore contemporary art) We at Mimi Berlin feel that these pictures are a bit old-fashioned. (in a good sense, we like them) We’ve learned that these women are wearing vintage dresses. That figures, it’s fashionable!

[via Mimi Berlin]


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