“Three years of running in place…”


The post title accurately describes what the world of the X-Men under Brian Bendis’ run has been like.  No significant activity, no progressive change, no real villains, lingering plot thread and the like.  Grant Morrison’s three-year-run of New X-Men was absolutely phenomenal, and single-handedly revived the series from the oblivion that was mainstream creativity in the late 90’s.  Then Marvel mis-managed it to hell.  Bendis is a amazing and well rounded writer (has written my favorite run on Daredevil ever), but the best circumstances would allow him is to bring the franchise back to a place more akin to a way-station. To be repaired, given some rest, and made to wait for someone to take it somewhere great again.  This article from the A.V. Club makes for a great summary of what’s happened to the heroes in the last fifteen years.

“Marvel’s X-Men face their greatest challenge: Change or die”

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