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Pretty sure Björk is turning into that villain from “Thor”

I shudder to think of what The Destroyer’s singing voice would sound like. with nick fenton and peter strickland at the tribeca premiere of biophilia live film last night #björk… — björk (@bjork) April 27, 2014

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“Nature is still the best makeup artist.” – A new photo book celebrates freckle faces, and I think it’s awesome.

When I was little, I had so many strangers getting all up in my business, gawking at my freckles, that my mom was freaked I’d develop some sort of complex. Then I got sassy, and once (when I was about … Continue reading

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So, This is What I Did Friday Night. Can be Gently Placed in the “I’m Sad” Folder.


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Jasmine Has a Pretty Little Jacket, and Ariel is Basically a Gibson Girl: Disney Princess’s Outfits Through a Historical Lens.

Many people know that Belle had that pretty yellow ballgown, Cinderella had the blue gown, and Ariel stuck a fork in her hair. That last part has nothing to do with this, but I just remembered it and giggled to … Continue reading

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Best Backpack in the World is Bestest

Exhibit A: [via Mike Mitchell’s Tumblr of Amazing Things]

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Steve Buscemi, He Haunts Your Dreams

Apropos of a previous Friday Goodies Roundup in which we disturbingly discussed a Tumblr aptly titled Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes, I present to you the following. [via Black Milk]

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