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Tandem Random

A day that pretty much started with me buying a new hat (finally!  I mean…holy f*** I have a bulbous head) ended up with Kurvball and I watching a band from yesteryear that one could say “lacked hats”.  This is … Continue reading

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Animals w/ Eyepatches

Wow, you know it’s unofficially officially spring when I transfer my pirate wolf Threadless button from my winter coat, to my fall/early-spring coat.  I breached the crest of a season here people. The origin of the button can be traced … Continue reading

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I love the Dollar Store

The dollar store by my house, in the sketchiest of sketchy malls, is pretty fascinating. I was there yesterday on a quest for super glue (to fix an earring that I JUST bought), and found this: I HAD THAT ISSUE!!!! … Continue reading

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Coolest. Dress. Ever.

New York Magazine‘s Vulture section posted a link to a Boing Boing blog post by Cory Doctorow, about a handmade dress that was made from those Little Golden Books. The designer’s name is Ryan Novelline. He made the skirt out … Continue reading

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