Happy Saturday everyone


I’m filing this under my “art” category.  [via Look over there]

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Morning of music continues

One of the best and most forward-thinking things I’ve ever done with my iTunes collection is to write into the metadata of songs with miscellaneous sources the URL of the source of the track.  Thus reminding me of this awesome video performance The Black Angels did for NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert” series a few years ago.

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Morning Music

Letting iTunes run as I go through my morning routine, one of my favorite “pocket bands” comes on, reminding me of the odd video of theres that introduced me to them via Stereogum’s website a long time ago.  

I often describe this band not as bluegrass, but almost something like “blackgrass”.

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Teaser trailer for new Bond film “SPECTRE”

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Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

A nice sampler to one of my more favorite podcasts these days. Husband and wife duo, where the wife is a fully qualified medical doctor, offering fun histories of where medicine went horribly wrong in its efforts to get it right.

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My friend Alec made this awesome video for Black Lady Soul you should all check out.

Jeff and I did some animation for Black Lady Soul. It’s also a great song that is like post-hardcore with a world music feel and jazz texturing. Inspired by Kenji Mizoguchi, South Park, and Art Spiegelman.

Alec and Jeff work produced this video with Ensign Bright Films.  Check out Alec’s professional website here.

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Best description for an app EVER. 


[via iTunes]

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