Conan helps Jordan Schlansky clean his office

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And thus right there, in that moment, did Mr. Schlansky realize whom he was working for, and why he shouldn’t be surprised if he were fired right then and there.  Watch the whole segment on youtube below:

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Emma Thompson, the perpetual cinematic hero

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[via The World of Cinema]

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Oh, Rownan Farrow, SNAP.

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Welcome to Chef Goldblum

The happiest place on earth.  So, go on, click the picture, you know you’re at least a little bit fascinated:

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.49.13 AM

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Jesus, books can do this?!


These, and more (with animated GIFs!) after the jump…

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*has brain aneurysm*


My inner, video-gaming child weeps 16-bit tears.  [via The Clearly Dope]


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Caged Wind

Feel free to wait until you’re alone, I won’t judge you.

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[via Reddit]

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