/r/behindthegifs is a nonstop fountain of entertainment.


Spend five minutes on this subreddit and try and tell me you didn’t laugh at something found here.  [via]

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Delia Derbyshire, godmother of the “Doctor Who” theme

tumblr_mtyyv1sHjC1r71jleo1_500 tumblr_mtyyv1sHjC1r71jleo2_500

One of the true innovators of electronic music. And yes, she’s the person who “realised” (arranged, performed) the Doctor Who theme.

From wikipedia: “In August 1962 she assisted composer Luciano Berio at a two-week summer school at Dartington Hall, for which she borrowed several dozen items of equipment from the BBC. One of her first works, and the most widely known, was her 1963 electronic realization of a score by Ron Grainer for the theme tune of the Doctor Who series, one of the first television themes to be created and produced by entirely electronic means.”

I’m even more stoked about the origin of this theme know.  I had no idea a woman, practically a pioneer of electronic music, is the person responsible for creating the very first rendition of the Doctor Who theme that aired on television.  [via Doctor Who Tumblr]

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Moleskin artifacts

Flipping through the keeper of secrets that is my Moleskin notebook, I found this gem buried between road-trip plans, short-story notes, and post-breakup musings.

2014-01-08 17.50.25

*click to embiggen*

“When you’re ‘nodding off’, one’s consciousness is a slave to their own body.”

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…just let me finish my coffee first before you try to give me something like this, Internet.


[via Joan Cornelià]

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Happy Birthday Bowie!

Ziggy is 67 years old today.

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Burrito Kiosk

And here I am getting my burritos from a human like a sucker, still living in “the middle the ages of burrito delivery.


See you in Los Angeles everyone.  In the meantime, ponder how far ahead/or not the Japanese may be ahead of us in burrito vending machine technology.  [via Geekosystem & Tastetheburritobox]

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Canadian Vandalism


[via Sassy Gay Clarinetist]

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