Of course the Klingons are drunk in this scenario.


[via Sheldon Comics]

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Bill Nye be thug life.

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Snake Truths


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Your business…

“Your business is yours alone, until you share it. at which point you are at the mercy of your audience”

  • one of the strongest lessons my mom ever taught me

[via Ya Middle-Aged Auntie]

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Summed up my feelings on PSL’s in a remixed Cyanide & Happiness comic.


Original strip can be found here.

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“So last night I got drunk and played Skyrim…” Pt. 2

If for some reason people seem to like this one as much as the first, I’ve decided that next time I play this game I’m going to play as an Imperial called Gordon Ramsay and eat all of the food in Whiterun. 

This time though, I played as an Argonian called Steve.


These and WAY more after the jump.

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The most “Grand Theft Auto” video I’ve ever seen.

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