Alex Maleev’s “Batman”

My god, I can’t ever not love the work of Alex Maleev.  It’s just so damned gritty and beautiful.  His work on Daredevil was superb, and his upcoming run on Hellboy is sure to entertain.

tumblr_moc35qw4hF1qg8i80o1_1280 tumblr_moc35qw4hF1qg8i80o2_1280

[via Alex Maleev]

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I’m so happy I have to go to work Internet, I don’t have time to comprehend this.

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God damned cow.

cow [via Explosm]

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Subways thoughts on the iPad

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I’m with you, how is Columbus Day still a thing.

The fact that it existed as a holiday for any number of decades absolutely confounds me.

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Ouroboros at the centre of the internet, of the internet.

tumblr_m9ql2w8by11qd2g3i tumblr_m9ql36VhEd1qd2g3i tumblr_m9ql3fLJpq1qd2g3i tumblr_m9ql3qp5YG1qd2g3i tumblr_m9ql418sRm1qd2g3itumblr_m9ql4cbGFo1qd2g3i tumblr_m9ql4oM1ij1qd2g3i tumblr_m9ql4yjeKU1qd2g3i tumblr_m9ql587ZsW1qd2g3itumblr_m9ql60svQQ1qd2g3itumblr_m9ql6kNUUn1qd2g3i tumblr_m9ql6uHkRK1qd2g3itumblr_m9ql75pTuk1qd2g3i

[via Aleatoryalarmalligator]

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Any fan would have to have been blind to not have realized this.

tumblr_n9gee0cUHc1rr192bo1_250 tumblr_n9gee0cUHc1rr192bo2_250 tumblr_n9gee0cUHc1rr192bo3_250 tumblr_n9gee0cUHc1rr192bo4_250 tumblr_n9gee0cUHc1rr192bo5_250 tumblr_n9gee0cUHc1rr192bo6_250 tumblr_n9gee0cUHc1rr192bo7_250 tumblr_n9gee0cUHc1rr192bo8_250 tumblr_n9gee0cUHc1rr192bo9_250 tumblr_n9gee0cUHc1rr192bo10_250[via LetDev Shoot You]

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