Kurvball had fun with Siri last night.

IMG_6028 IMG_6029

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B.J. Novak’s “One More Thing” is good times.


Buy the book here.  [via Vintage Anchor Books]

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Between Two Campaigners


*continues conversation*

GABE:  Well, I should probably try not to act like a douche today.

KURVBALL:  You should probably try not to act like a douche every day

ME: *pause*

KURVBALL: *smug head-tilt*

ME:  Touché

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Hey! Ugly naked guy!

tumblr_nj1r2wGNkd1qc8jh0o5_500 tumblr_nj1r2wGNkd1qc8jh0o10_500 tumblr_nj1r2wGNkd1qc8jh0o4_500 tumblr_nj1r2wGNkd1qc8jh0o7_500 tumblr_nj1r2wGNkd1qc8jh0o1_500 tumblr_nj1r2wGNkd1qc8jh0o2_500 tumblr_nj1r2wGNkd1qc8jh0o9_500 tumblr_nj1r2wGNkd1qc8jh0o8_500 tumblr_nj1r2wGNkd1qc8jh0o3_500 tumblr_nj1r2wGNkd1qc8jh0o6_500

[via Sand and Glass]

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We DO love you kitty, we do.

tumblr_n2jp7a74451qewacoo4_500 tumblr_n2jp7a74451qewacoo2_500 tumblr_n2jp7a74451qewacoo3_500 tumblr_n2jp7a74451qewacoo1_500

[via Imgur]

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Storm by Olivier Coipel, 2012

Always been Storm’s best look.tumblr_nhx1idGkK01tdt68vo1_500[via Great X-pectations]

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Can we go thrift shopping?

tumblr_njf5cktHVI1rko70jo1_500 tumblr_njf5cktHVI1rko70jo2_500 tumblr_njf5cktHVI1rko70jo3_500 tumblr_njf5cktHVI1rko70jo4_500 tumblr_njf5cktHVI1rko70jo5_500 tumblr_njf5cktHVI1rko70jo6_500

[via The Fantastician]

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