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“Leaked footage of the fight scene between Spider-Man and Ant-man in Captain America: Civil War. “

[via Tastefully Offensive]

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I think we all had similar reactions to Tony’s line in the “Civil War” trailer.

[via The Nerd-Saurus]

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Yeah, I’ll post that “Captain America” trailer like everyone else…

Two things, first, that sequence near the end of the trailer where Captain America and Bucky are taking on Iron Man highlights the continuing awesomeness of the fight choreography Marvel can produce in a film. Secondly, did anyone else think … Continue reading

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Captain America VS. Iron Man in Marvel’s original “Civil War” story.

Hey, remember that time Captain America almost killed Iron Man?   Taken from the source material that will inspire the next Captain America film.  I’m not entirely sure why I really took to this one.  Maybe it’s that one sequence at … Continue reading

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Discovering the “Avengers: Civil War” meme going around.

And loving it… (via Always the H)   (via Meatball Disaster)

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