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Basically the face I make when I deal with snotty customers at the store. 

Funny how kids trying dark chocolate for the first time has a similar effect. [via Reddit]

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If you want any indication of what I’m going to be like as a father, you may simply refer to this video

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Me, and my relationship with food after a night of drinking

It can’t enter my mouth-hole any quicker. [via 4Gifs]

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Mustachioed Supercut

So supper-massive is the greatness of Tom Selleck’s mustache that it is by the Magnum P.I. standard that all other great mustaches are compared.  So great, that before the magic of cinematic editing was performed prior to a movie’s release, … Continue reading

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“Portal” in the Classroom

Soooo, ummmm, yeah…there’s a professor Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indianna that’s put the original “Portal” on his class syllabus for a course entitled, “Enduring Questions”. Says Professor Michael Abbott: “This is a course about what it means to be human, … Continue reading

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