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I gotta exercise more.

[via I Raff I Ruse]

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Slappin’ da….Breast.

So, apparently having someone slap the bejaysus out of ones boobies will cause them to grow, and be firm and melon-like. The Thai Health Ministry has even deemed the practice to be legit, as reported by The Frisky. Ahhhh yes, the … Continue reading

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The Naked Asian Man from “The Hangover” Teaches Proper CPR in new PSA. Disco May or May not be Involved.

DIDJA KNOW?? Ken Jeong – known mostly for being the hilarious Mr. Chow in The Hangover (parts I and II), and Señor Chang in the highly-underrated Community – is actually a straight-up, legit medical doctor. According to the Medical Board of … Continue reading

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