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“You’re crushing MEEEE like a cheese sandwich!”

Here’s a high-larious parody of The Room, featuring Patton Oswalt (i.e. one of the funniest mofos alive), Julie Klausner (also hilarious, author of the great book I don’t care about your band), and an accent I will try to replicate … Continue reading

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Sweet Baby Ruth and All That is Nougat ‘n Peanut Butter, it’s a FANCY GRAPH OF CHOCOLATE BARS.

Click on the small image of the chart [made by Pop Chart Lab BTW/FTW], and be taken to a post on Jezebel, where you can access the GIANT chart! Amazing! SUGAR! It would be pretty cool to have this up … Continue reading

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“New York” Novels, Children’s Books, a Sci-Fi Books Flowchart (!!), and a Bookshop Owner Gives a Thief His Comeuppance: This Book-Related News Post is Brought to You by the VERY Precariously-Stacked Pile of Books Beside my Bookcase.

Fall is a very busy month in the publishing industry, because not only are there a billion new releases, but it’s also a pretty busy awards season too. The Giller shortlist is out, as is the Man Booker shortlist and … Continue reading

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Traditional “cheesecake” pin-up poses + dudes = “Men-Ups.” And they are all kinds of awesome.

Everyone is familiar with those traditional Gil Elvgren-esque pin-up pictures, complete with classic ‘n cheeky poses, and looks of surprise and coyness. Right?! [If not, you should be. Just because.] Photography student Rion Sabean decided to take that idea and … Continue reading

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Sweet Jesus, It’s a Stampede of Corgis.

[via Jezebel]

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Mad Men stills + Arrested Development words = Greatest. Tumblr. Ever.

The “Mad Development” Tumblr has just started making the rounds. I cannot emphasize how amazing this is. Or how hard it is to stifle laughter in a very chill bookstore. [Via Jezebel]

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I Don’t Know About You, but Devon Sawa as Real-Life Casper, Made My 11 Year-Old Knees Weak

Earlier this week, Jezebel had a post titled “What Your First Screen Crush Says About You.” If not for the extra-sketchy psychoanalysis, check it out for the hilarious trip through nostalgia-land. Observation: Naturally, Uncle Jesse gets his own category. So, … Continue reading

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Sunday Shenanigans

I just got back from sitting in the park, reading. It was pure glorious. Sitting in the shade, there was a perfect breeze, and just the right amount of “park noise.” Amazing. And on this lazy Sunday, here are a … Continue reading

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Preach it!

I’ve decided to make “Preach it!”  a semi-regular(ish) feature, in that whenever I spy an article or series of articles that hit a point bang-on, I will post it here to further spread its awesomeness. Because more often than not, … Continue reading

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Finally! A pen with which I dot my i’s with little hearts!

A tipster from one of my favorite lady-blogs Jezebel submitted the following image, posted/reported this afternoon by Margaret Hartmann, Jezebel editor: *Brings out smelling salts to calm the fervor over the excitement of finally having a lady-pen.* Check out Bic’s … Continue reading

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